Extreme Tour 5 days/4 nights

Extreme Tour 5 days/4 nights


This tour is intended for travelers who travel around the world in their cars. The route is organized so that after crossing the Nukus-Kunya Urgench border from Uzbekistan, you will travel all over Turkmenistan from the north to the west along the sands of the Karakum Desert towards the seaport in the city of Turkmenbashi, from where you will continue your journey to Azerbaijan.

On the way, you will get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of Turkmenistan, visit the huts of the tribes living in the heart of the Turkmen desert and taste the most delicious and unusual dishes cooked on fires in the open air.

To be even more detailed, starting with a tour of the cultural and historical heritage in Kunya Urgench, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, we will travel to Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. On the way, we will visit the well-known gas crater with a diameter of 70 meters, which has been burning continuously for 50 years. After doing all the sightseeing in the capital, we will move on to the west of Turkmenistan, to the Avaza tourist zone. Along the way, we will visit the underground lake Kov Ata and then the stables of the Akhal-Teke horses, where you will enjoy a wonderful performance of these horses, and you will have the opportunity to ride on them, too. On arrival in Avaza, we have planned for you a boat trip along the coast of the Caspian Sea, on which you will be able to admire the sea view on one side and new buildings of the Avaza tourist zone on the other.

We will finish our tour by taking you to the seaport of the city of Turkmenbashi, where you will board a ferry for the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.



Day 1: Nukus / Kunya-Urgench – Darvaza

Meeting the group at Kunya-Urgench (Turkmenistan) / Nukus (Uzbekistan) border. Excursion into Kunya Urgench. Lunch in a local restaurant of Kunya-Urgench city. On arrival at Darvaza (220 km) doing sightseeing and taking photos. After barbecue in the open air, overnight in tents or yurts.

Day 2: Darvaza – Ashgabat

Early in the morning after breakfast drive to Ashgabat (260 km). Lunch in a local restaurant in the capital city. Hotel check in and having some rest. Doing a city tour and then dinner in a local restaurant and then return to the hotel.

Day 3: Ashgabat – Kov Ata – Balkanabat

Checking out from the hotel after having a late breakfast. A short drive to equestrian complex of Ahal-Teke horses. Lunch in a local restaurant and a journey to Kov Ata (113 km). After visiting Kov Ata, we will continue our journey to Balkanabat (350 km). On arrival hotel check in. Dinner in a restaurant and having a rest at the hotel.

Day 4: Balkanabat – Yangykala Canyon – Avaza

Travel to Yangykala Canyon (168 km) after an early breakfast. Doing sightseeing and taking photos. Drive to Avaza touristic zone. Lunch in a local restaurant. Hotel check in and having some rest. Doing a city tour, and then sailing on a yacht in the Caspian Sea. Dinner and having a rest at the hotel.

Day 5: Turkmenbashi – Baku / Azerbaijan

After breakfast, drive to the port of Turkmenbashi in order to board a ferry for Baku / Azerbaijan. The moment of parting.


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Accommodation 3* (hotel + base camp)






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Daily 1.5 lt water


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