Yangykala Canyon

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In far, western Turkmenistan is a natural wonder that very few people have heard about and even fewer people have seen, The Yangykala Canyon.A vast rock landscape with rock walls as tall as 60-100meters colored with pink, red and yellow colors. A landscape that was created more than 5.5 million years ago, when the red cliffs wall you know see, where underwater limestone walls full of massive coral reefs from the pre-historical Parathetys Sea. 

Yangykala Canyon is located 165km north of the town Balkanabat. The 5th largest city in the country and the capital of Balkan Province. The largest province in the country, and home to 94% of Turkmenistan’s natural gas production and 12% of its petroleum production.

While the whole landscape it´s all impressing is it not before you drive off the main road and of to what´s no more than just a sand track you get to see how impressive this natural wonder is. The most famous formation is The viewpoint that’s called jaws of a crocodile, which is also the best place to get a panoramic view of the vast desolated landscape that surrounded the Yangykala Canyon. The colors of the canyons are said to change from bright white over yellow/orange to rust-red in the rain.


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