In far, the western of Turkmenistan is a natural wonder named The Yangykala Canyon located 420km from Ashgabat. Yangykala canyon is one of the scenic natural objects of Turkmenistan. Indeed, the sheer cliffs of white, yellow, ocher, purple and red colors, fancily carved by winds and rains, are very similar to the stone castles from a fantasy. A vast rock landscape with rock walls as tall as 60-100meters. A landscape that was created more than 5.5 million years ago, when the red cliffs wall you know see, where underwater limestone walls full of massive coral reefs from the pre-historical Parathetys Sea.  As soon as you set your eyes on the brilliant flame-colored canyons of Yangykala, you’ll realize why this deep valley region is considered to be one of the most spectacular sights – not just in Turkmenistan – but the whole of Central Asia.