Dehistan – historically also known as Misrian – was a town located at the banks of the Etrek River, that thrived in the Silk Road period and rivaling Kunya Urgench and Merw in importance. It connected Khorezm with Persia and the Arab countries. The ruins of medieval Dehistan is the most important monument of the whole south-west of Turkmenistan. The first and foremost is two 20 m high minarets. Abu- Jafar Akhmed minaret, so-called “not- hem” – was built by approximately in 1004 – 1005 together with a mosque that is entirely ruined at the moment. The second minaret was built 120 m away from the first one, but almost 200 years later, at the corner of the mosque of Muhammed Khorezmshah which remained only two pylons of 18 m high. Those, who conducted excavations in Dekhistan have found a lot of items, which helped to shed light on the history of this marvelous area.