Daya-Khatyn is a medieval caravanserai, the ruins of which are located 170 km from the city of Turkmenabad in Turkmenistan. Monument of the architecture of the XI-XII centuries. The building is built of mud bricks with clay mortar and faced with a baked brick inside and out. The architecture of this building, thanks to the style and construction details, represents an extraordinary example of the architectural art belonging to the Northern School of Khorasan of the Golden Age. There are several legends related to the construction of Daya-Khatyn. One of them is that the Rabat of Daya-Khatyn was built by a local ruler, who wished to hide from a beauty named Daya. Another version is about a rich man named Bai, who suspected his wife in infidelity and left home in the cloth of poor dervish. In 2012, Daya-Khatyn is awarded a conservation grant from the “Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation” from the U.S. Government.