Dinosaur Plateau

The Koytendag region is located close to the border with Uzbekistan. In this area, one can see the Koytendag mountains, and peak Ayry Baba, the highest point in Turkmenistan at 3,137 m above sea level; the grandiose “Umbar Dere” canyon, with 28 m waterfalls; the plateau of Dinosaurs, with 438 fossilized Dinosaur footprints; hydrogen sulfate hot spring, “Gainar Baba”; “Kyrk gyz” canyon; and karst caves. One of Turkmenistan’s more unusual sights. The inclined plateau, some 500m long and 200m wide, was found by scientists in the early 1980s to contain more than 400 footprints of dinosaurs. The three-toed prints make visible depressions in the surface of the limestone. The largest footprints reach diameters of up to 80cm, with the dinosaur step length reaching around 1.5m. Dinosaur footprints have been discovered at other locations in the Kugitang Mountains too, more than 2,500 in total, dating from the Jurassic period.