Awaza – is a wonderful seaside resort on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea located in Awazian district, Balkan province 12 kilometers away from city Turkmenbashy (former Krasnovodsk). Awaza can be translated as “the shore of the singing waves”. Indeed this place is blessed-almost 30 kilometers of crystal clear sand coast, lavish sun, and warm sea in summer and curative air. Awaza is the national tourist zone of Turkmenistan, 12 kilometers from Turkmenbashy city. “Awaza” – heavenly sea corner which stretches for 16 kilometers. 6 hotels of world-class and health complexes have been built for today. It is planning to open 60 hotels in different categories. Awaza is becoming a sea resort zone. Beautiful hotels are functioning on the territory of Awaza, standards-based pensions, health complexes, child health centers, sports centers, health spas, children’s health centers, and sports, cultural and entertaining centers. 7 kilometers canal was excavated on the territory of Awaza, and cozy restaurants and cafes are situated on both sides of the canal. Soon the construction of roofed ski complex is planning. The ski center will be built on the area of 20 hectares. The roofed 1200-meters alpine skiing track for three trails less than 8 meters sheer dome and at the depth snow cover of half-meter to one meter will have a six-meter vertical drop.120 people can assimilate ski art simultaneously here. The especially the original construction of the hotel complex – a skyscraper in the form of the peculiar lighthouse on the mound island will reproduce the map of Turkmenistan. A huge aqua park with a sliding dome was built. Architects are planning to finish the construction of Awaza by 2020.

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