Avaza – is a wonderful seaside resort on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea located in Awazian district, 12 kilometers away from city Turkmenbashy. This place is blessed-almost 30 kilometers of crystal clear sand. More than 20 hotels of world-class and health complexes have been built. Beautiful hotels are functioning on the territory of Awaza, standards-based pensions, health complexes, restaurants, sports centers, health spas, cultural and entertaining centers. One of the best hotels in Awaza is Yacht Club “Yelken” combines relaxation, entertainment and sporting events for you. Luxurious and rich apartments invite you to plunge into the world of happiness. The especially the original construction of the hotel complex – a skyscraper in the form of the peculiar lighthouse on the mound island reproduces the map of Turkmenistan. And the first large aquapark “Avaza” in Turkmenistan was also opened in Avaza.