Turkmen History Tour 6 days/5 nights

Turkmen History Tour 6 days/5 nights


This 6-day tour covers all the main historical sights located in the territory of Turkmenistan. We will tell you in detail and present an accurate picture of the history of all Turkmens, from the founder of the Turkmen Oghuz Khan up to the modern history of Turkmenistan.

Turkmen people, whose origins trace back to Oghuz Khan, have a history of five thousand years. It can be said that the Turkmen played a significant role in the world history as they built civilizations like Jeitun, Anau, Margush, Khorezm, Parthia, Uzboy, Kelteminar and about 70 countries of different  territories. Great empires, such as the Seljuk Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Ghaznavid state, left an indelible mark on the history of mankind. The history of Turkmen people is closely related to the history of Asia, Africa, and Europe. It had a profound effect on the perfection and development of the ethno genesis of these continents. The first place where wheat was grown is this Turkmen land. World-renowned scientists such as Ibn Sina, Abu Reyhan Biruni, and Farabi grew up in Turkmen lands. Great rulers such as Seljuk Beg, Tughrul Beg, Chaghri Beg, Alp Arslan, Malik Shah, Mahmud of Ghazni, Tomyris, Arsak and many others made a lot of contribution to the world history.

These lands witnessed the military campaigns by Alexander the Great, and Genghis Khan. It was these lands where the city of Nisa, the first capital of the Parthian state, was built. Zoroaster also lived in these lands. The main crossroads of the 2,500-kilometer Great Silk Road crossed this territory. Therefore, the Turkmen land served as a cultural, political, and economic bridge between the East and the West. Cities such as Merv, Serakhs, Abiverd, Nisa, Paraw, Amul, Kunya-Urgench were very popular destinations among scientists and travellers in the Middle Ages.



Day 1: Farap – Amul

Meeting the group at Farap (Turkmenistan) / Alat (Uzbekistan) border. Hotel check in. Lunch in a local restaurant. Excursion to Dayahatun (182 km). After dinner return to the hotel.

Day 2: Amul – Ancient Merv

Drive to the city of Mary (247 km) after an early breakfast in the morning. Lunch in a local restaurant. Hotel check in and having some rest. Going on excursion to Ancient Merv. After having dinner in a local restaurant returning to the hotel.

Day 3: Ancient Merv – Serakhs – Abiverd - Ashgabat

Checking out from the hotel after breakfast. Drive to Serakhs (175 km) and a short excursion into town. Lunch in a local restaurant and travel to Abiverd (325 km). After visiting Abiverd, we will continue our journey to Ashgabat (19 km). On arrival checking in at a hotel. Visiting Old Nisa and afterwards doing a sightseeing tour of the capital. Dinner in a restaurant and having a rest at the hotel.

Day 4: Ashgabat – Balkanabat – Dekhistan

Travel to Balkanabat city (425 km) after an early breakfast. Lunch in a local restaurant. Hotel check in and having some rest. Going on an excursion to Dekhistan (155 km). Dinner and having a rest at the hotel.

Day 5: Balkanabat – Dashoguz

After breakfast, drive to Avaza International Airport (160 km) in order to board a plane for the city of Dashoguz (75 min). On arrival check in at a hotel and then drive to Kunya Urgench (96 km). Return to the city of Dashoguz and dinner in a local restaurant. After dinner having a rest at the hotel.

Day 6: Dashoguz – Shavat / Uzbekistan border

After breakfast, drive to the Shavat border (21 km) in order to cross it for the next destination called Khiva, which is on the Uzbek side of the border.


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