Guests, masters and horse racing – Ashgabat celebrated the Day of horse

Folk craftsmen from all over Turkmenistan gathered in Ashgabat for the National Holiday of the Turkmen Horse. It lasted not for one day, but almost for the entire last week of April, finishing on Sunday at the Ahal-Teke International Equestrian Complex.

Every year a whole city of craftsmen is organized here – an exhibition where successors and keepers of ancient handicrafts present their creations. So much is there to see – carpets and jewelry, national clothes and all sorts of household items. Works of modern art complement the gallery of folk talent . Along the way are bahshi and other musicians, entertainers, and athletes with demonstration programs.

On this day, there are always many foreign guests in the equestrian center. This year, especially the delegations from the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, were noted, where horse breeding also has a special status.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the head of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation Rustam Minnikhanov, who arrived on a visit, took part in the celebration. Together they viewed the exhibition and went to the races.

Gallkysh equestrian group, winner of awards of the winner of international circus festivals, also spoke to distinguished guests.

The main character at the festival, of course, is the horse. It is everywhere, visibly and invisibly: it looks from picturesque canvases, towers in sculptural sculptures, its image mentally comes alive in melodies and luxurious horse ornaments made of silver and gold with gems.

But nowhere does the character of the Ahal-Teke horse appear so much as in horse racing – the main test of purebred qualities. Because the exterior is an exterior, no matter how dazzling it is, and agility and endurance have always been the main virtues of Ahal-Teke.

That is why the exhibition of the masters always accompanies the Turkmen holiday of the horse: because every horse is like a work of art in which so much labor, love and talent are invested! Each foal is like a diamond, from which the master “sculpts”, “grinds out” a brilliant-cut diamond.

And how much a horse itself must work in order to become that amazing creature that is breathtaking! To combine refined grace and powerful strength!

The character of Ahal-Teke is such that it does not respond to training. You need to be friends with it, understand it and love it, only then it will respond with devotion and trust, and at the same time obedience.

Turkmen seisis – horse trainers know amazing secrets of how to get along with the most recalcitrant horse. Therefore, Ahal-Teke is a living monument to popular genius and hard work.

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