Turkmenistan Travel Guide

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Before Arrival

When to travel

The best time to travel to Turkmenistan is March-April or October-November, as summers are quite hot. If you wish to visit a major festival, then Navruz (March 21) is the best option. Check the link below of major holidays; some holidays make for an eventful and exciting trip, and some may add additional hassle to a trip. Many of our tourists visit Turkmenistan on tours through several Central Asian countries. Check out combined, group, and individual tours that we offer in Turkmenistan.

Medications & Vaccination

There are no additional vaccines required before a trip to Turkmenistan. For some medications, there are restrictions on importation into Turkmenistan, mostly regarding sedatives, painkillers, and sleep medications. Below is a complete list of restricted medications.

Temperature & Precipitation

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Registration & Customs

Upon arrival in Turkmenistan, foreign citizens receive an immigration card, where all hotel stays will be recorded. Every foreigner in Turkmenistan must register with the Department of Tourism and Sports within three working days, excluding the arrival days. Our travel packages include registration. Customs declarations must be completed upon arrival and departure. You may bring any amount of money into Turkmenistan, but you must leave with less than was declared upon arrival.


The best way to reach Turkmenistan is by flight to the capital, Ashgabat. Turkmen Airlines and several international carriers operate flights to and from Ashgabat. It is also possible to cross land borders from Uzbekistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan into Turkmenistan. There is a ferry connection between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan that crosses the Caspian Sea, but this is the most difficult way to cross into Turkmenistan.


Although there is not a large number of hotels in Turkmenistan, one can find good 3- to 5-star hotels. As is typical, the best hotels are located in the capital, Ashgabat, though other cities also offer good hotels. Check the list below of hotels in various cities and book your stay.

After Arrival


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Restrictions are some of the most important parts of our Turkmenistan travel guide. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, and smoking on the street and in public places will result in a fine. It is also difficult to purchase tobacco products.