Mausoleum of Piryarvali

Restored Mausoleum of Piryarvali, a brick-built domed structure with the large portal typical of the Konye-Urgench mausolea. The building is often kept locked but, if you are able to get inside, you will be confronted with four adjacent cenotaphs, one of which is said to mark the grave of Piryarvali, a disciple of Nedjmeddin Kubra and the father of a well-known Khorezm poet and wrestler named Pakhlavan-Ata. This graveyard, locally known as the ‘360’, a reference to the membership of the Kubravid school of Sufism, is the nucleus of the more modern cemetery which surrounds the site.

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Dashoguz – Kone Urgench – Darvaza - Ashgabat – Mary – Turkmenabad – Farap.



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