Madrasa of Idris Baba

Madrasa of Idris Baba

The main building here dates from the 18th century, square design with walls 7m in length and a domed roof. It is popular with Turkmen school groups, who come here mainly because of the madrasa’s association with the poet Magtymguly: he studied here in 1753. The caretaker will tell you that the dead-looking rotund tree nearby, covered in prayers offered in the form of strips of cloth and hair grips, is 350 years old and that the young Magtymguly composed poetry beneath it. The caretaker will also show you ‘Idris Baba’s fishing hole’. He keeps his fish suppers in it.

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Dashoguz – Kone Urgench – Darvaza - Ashgabat – Mary – Turkmenabad – Farap.



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