Kalaly Gyr

Ayrytam, an ancient city of V-IV century BC. located in 40 km to South West from Dashoguz, at elevation, near the south coast of the ancient riverbed of Daudan, almost close to Kunyauyaz city. It’s one of the biggest monuments in ancient Khorezm oasis (700х1000 m). A fortress constructed during the times of the rule of Achaemenids in Khorezm was needed to provide their control over the large irrigation systems of South Daudan. An attempt to erect it could be a part of a system of activities, reflected in Herodot stories about the irrigation policy of Achaemenid Kings.

The monument is dated from the middle of the IV century –beginning of II century BC. Kalalygyr 2, an ancient city of Khorezm in 10 km to the west of Kalalygyr 1, near the left coast of the ancient riverbed of South Daudan. The most monumental construction inside of the fortress is a round temple with 24 m diameter, erected the same way as an external fortification on a 2-meter artificial platform. Walls of the temple had arrow-shaped loopholes with oval massive entrance tower abut on it from the north. This religious center was deserted after the total crushing of the fortress, followed by a conflagration, whose traces are still visible not only on its walls but also on the whole archaeological inventory.

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