Mausoleum of Hodja Yusup Hamadani

Hodja Yusuf Hamadani

The mosque and mausoleum complex of Hodja Yusup Hamadani, one of the most important places of shrine pilgrimage in Turkmenistan. Hodja Yusup was a Sufi scholar of the 12th century, whose teachings formed an important element in the development of Sufism in Central Asia. He studied theology in Baghdad, and later settled in Merv, where he enjoyed the patronage of Sultan Sanjar. He was buried in the city on his death in 1140. The mosque here was one of the very few in Turkmenistan allowed to operate, albeit under tight control, during the Soviet period. The open-sided square mausoleum, towards the rear of the complex, is a modern reconstruction. A group of buildings along the west side of this, around a central iwan, were probably originally built in the Timurid period.

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