Gonur Depe

Not so long ago, in the 90s, among the sands of eastern Karakum, archaeological scientists discovered a huge necropolis in the Markov Oasis, dating back to the II-I millennium BC. Here was the capital city, now called Gonur-Depe (with translation from Turkmen to Gray Hill), with its palace and located in temples that can interact with the structures of Assyria and Babylon.Gonur Depe was the largest settlement in all of Margiana. The complex was located on a low hill on the right bank of the Murghab channel. Gonur Depe is the capital city of the temple city of Margush. Archaeologists have been able to discover convincing facts of spiritual rituals and traditions proving that the Gonurians adhered to the Zoroastrian faith. The necropolis of Gonur-Depe and to this day holds many secrets that have to be solved by historians, archaeologists, and scientists.